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New Arrivals
US590-502C unit type speed control motor orthogonal axes gearhead [5GU36RH] and connection cable [CC01SS2] (Oriental Motor)
UB590-501 induction motor switch box with single-phase 100V (Oriental Motor)
SS21M-SSSD 100VAC speed control pack (Oriental Motor)
SMK5160A-B ultra-low-speed synchronous motor (Oriental Motor)
SMK5160A-B ultra-low-speed synchronous motor (Oriental Motor)
SG8030S-D 100VAC controller (Oriental Motor)
SG8030D-D 100VAC controller (Oriental Motor)
SB31-IN brake pack (Oriental Motor)
M71A15GV4L variable speed type induction motor gearhead with [M7GA7.5B] (Panasonic)
IK-FCKLA21-4P-3.7Kw flange-axis downward mounting motor (Toshiba)
GA38-550-3 gear motor 5.5kw 4P 1/3 (Hitachi)
CBI425-701 C · B Motor lead wire type (Oriental Motor)
CBI425-701 C · B motor (Oriental Motor)
BLFM460-A motor round shaft type (Oriental Motor)
AF-SHR 750W 4P Safety Explosion-Proof Motor (Mitsubishi Electric)
4IK25GN-A Induction Motor (Oriental Motor)
2TK3CGN-A torque motor single phase 100V (Oriental Motor)
CDQ2B20-20D Thin Cylinder / Standard: Double Acting Single Rod (SMC)
CDQ2B25-25DMZ-M9N Air Cylinder (SMC)
RSQA50-30DB Stopper Cylinder (SMC)

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