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New Arrivals
SZ-P5PS SZ-01S for cable (KEYENCE)
SV-M075CK key grooved shaft incremental type servo motor 750w (KEYENCE)
SV-075L2 AC servo system MECHATROLINK-II type three-phase, single-phase AC200~230V (KEYENCE)
PS-T1 amplifier separate type photoelectric sensor amplifier (KEYENCE)
OP-77674 PX-H72 Use protective tube (KEYENCE)
MV-22 positioning function built-in AC servo system amplifier (KEYENCE)
LV-12SA digital laser sensor amplifier (KEYENCE)
KZ-16EYT expansion output unit (KEYENCE)
KZ-8ET ultra-compact programmable controller expansion input-output unit (KEYENCE)
KV-C32XA 32-point input unit (KEYENCE)
KL-8BLX screw terminal block with 8 points relay function (KEYENCE)
KL-N20Z Ministry of wiring I / O system / master unit (KEYENCE)
VT3-VD1 1ch video input unit for VT3 (KEYENCE)
FS-V22 digital fiber amplifier (KEYENCE)
FD-81 flow sensor (KEYENCE)

FD-81 flow sensor (KEYENCE)[013-876] 

[Low Stock]
AP-V41 Saving wiring (AI) digital pressure sensor amplifier (KEYENCE)
US590-502C unit type speed control motor orthogonal axes gearhead [5GU36RH] and connection cable [CC01SS2] (Oriental Motor)
UB590-501 induction motor switch box with single-phase 100V (Oriental Motor)
SS21M-SSSD 100VAC speed control pack (Oriental Motor)
SMK5160A-B ultra-low-speed synchronous motor (Oriental Motor)

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